History of Bernese Mountain Dog's

The Bernese Mountain Dogs's origins are vague, but there's who think to date back to Roman times, because of having been found artifacts painted with a dog like BMD. The breed is coming by Canton of Bern and was called Dürrblächer, from the name of provenience. BMD had different utility: guardian of farms and annexed territories, towing carts of milk cans, friend of children and protecting them from dangers, watching and gathering cows. The legend says that he was able to count the cows.
Despite there was a type fairly homogeneous for temperament, size, and colors, there was difference of colors in the various valleys and it gave a superimposed title on Dürrblaächer:

- Ringgi, (white collar)
- Bläss, (front white stripe)
- Bäri (without or little white stripe).
In the Emmental valleys there was Gelbbäckler (with yellow cheeks). In 1892 Franz Schertenleib described the standard of breed.
Later he became to breeding with the name of "Von Schlossgut" and " Von der Rothöhe".
On May 11 of 1902, near Ostermundigen, in the first Swiss dog exposition, he presented in not classified breed, 4 Dürrblächer,
On November 15 of 1907 was founded the Dürrblächer-Klub and after a year were presented in guiding of Prof.Albert Heim, in Langenthal exposition, 21 dogs of Dürrblächer.

Prof. Heim changed the club and breed name in Berner Sennenhund to remember the origin of the dog.